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A college student attended Professor Indiana Jones's Archaeology 101 class in 1936. As one of Jones's female admirers at Marshall College, she expressed her sentiment by writing "LOVE YOU" across her eyelids.


In 1936, a female college student attended American professor and archaeologist Indiana JonesArchaeology 101 class at Marshall College. The student was an admirer of Jones which she expressed by writing the word "LOVE" on her right eyelid and "YOU" on her left.[1]

While he was discussing an ancient Neolithic site, Jones noticed the girl slowly blinking at him, which caught him off guard. However, the bell rang moments later, and as the class made their way out of the room, Jones told them to read chapters four and five of Michaelson's work.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

"David Tomblin came over to me the morning we shot the classroom scene and said, 'I had an idea last night. Why don't you have one of the girls write LOVE YOU on her lids and when she closes her eyes, Indy sees the words? I loved it. That was such a juicy idea. So we changed the camera position, and picked a girl who had nice big lids!"
―Steven Spielberg[src]

Julie Brown played the "love you" student in Raiders of the Lost Ark,[2] a role uncredited in the movie itself.[1]

The idea for the character was conceived by first assistant director David Tomblin the night before shooting, who pitched it to Steven Spielberg the following day. Taken with the concept, Spielberg picked out a girl from the scene who had big eyelids to make the shot work.[3]


The student in LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures

In LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures, the student's eyelids literally become hearts, unnerving Indiana Jones.[4] In the sequel, with all of Jones' scenes at Marshall College omitted, the student is absent.[5]



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