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113 was a classroom at Marshall College within Woolley Hall out of which Professor Indiana Jones taught archaeology.


Indy lecturer

Indiana Jones teaching Archaeology 101 at Marshall College.

Towards the end of a 1936 archaeology class, Professor Indiana Jones warned his students of the dangers of folklore to excavations, citing the damage caused to the millennia-old Turkdean Barrow near Hazleton from treasure hunters digging around the site chasing local legends of a buried golden coffin. However, part of his lesson was disrupted when he got distracted by a student that was silently proclaiming her affection for him with a message written across her eyelids.

In 1957, Dr. Jones was teaching class on Skara Brae in classroom 113 when Dean Charles Stanforth entered. Jones finished his sentence and then asked him about the interruption. Stanforth requested that the professor come with him and then informed Jones in the corridor outside that he was required to take an indefinite leave of absence to pressure from the Board of Regents.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

In Raiders of the Lost Ark, the Marshall College classroom scene was filmed at Rickmansworth Masonic School in Hertfordshire, England. The exact same room was used for the filming of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade albeit to depict Barnett College instead. With Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull shot almost entirely in the US, the classroom in that movie was filmed at Yale University. Although the interior layout of Woolley Hall (with the scenes set over twenty years after the first film) is different and the classroom itself a smaller space, The Complete Making of Indiana Jones indicates that classroom 113 is a conscious recreation of the Raiders room itself.



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