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138 Main Street was a house in Doom Town, Nevada, a US weapons testing site located a short distance away from Hangar 51.

In 1957, Indiana Jones, unaware of the town's true nature, escaped into the backyard of the house to evade a car of Soviet soldiers pursuing him then entered the house to find that the occupants, a mother and father and their two children gathered together in the living room to watch The Howdy Doody Show, were nothing more than a group of mannequins.[2]

Realization setting in, the archaeologist headed out into the street and saw that all the townsfolk were dolls. When a tannoy suddenly announced that detonation was imminent both Jones and his Russian pursuers saw the atomic bomb suspended in a cradle nearby. The Soviets quickly abandoned their hunt and drove off leaving Jones to head back into the house desperate for shelter.[2]

He found unlikely protection in the kitchen's lead-lined King Cool refrigerator just in time: the atomic blast obliterated the town and nuclear family at 138, while the fridge carried Jones away from the blast.[2]


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