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225 Fifth Street was the penthouse apartment of Walter Donovan and his wife located on Fifth Avenue overlooking Central Park.


In 1938, Indiana Jones was 'escorted' to Walter Donovan's apartment by, at first glance, a G-Man and his associates. There, Donovan explained his desire to enlist the archaeologist's services in tracking down the Holy Grail after Jones's father, Henry, Sr. had gone missing during the attempt.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Walter Donovan's apartment was introduced in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (1989),[3] with the novel and comic adaptations specifying its location on Fifth Avenue overlooking Central Park (likely reflecting a detail noted in the screenplay).[1][2] Indiana Jones Cryptic would further specify the industrialist's address as 225 Fifth Street on his business card over thirty years later.[4]

This creates a continuity inconsistency with real-world geography as Fifth Avenue and Fifth Street are two different thoroughfares in New York City, with the grid layout of Manhattan largely being a series of intersecting main streets and avenues. 225 Fifth Avenue, where The Grand Madison—a landmark and residential building—is situated, would also be too far south to offer a view of Central Park but the structure does overlook Madison Square Park.



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