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25 Pine Road was the home of Henry Walton Jones, Sr. in Ferndale, New York.[1] The professor had moved out of the Jones family home in Princeton by 1927[2] and was living in Pine Road by 1938.[1]

When Indiana Jones learned from Walter Donovan that his father had gone missing, he and Marcus Brody traveled to the house that year to look around. Upon their arrival, they found the house completely ransacked (presumably by Donovan’s henchmen). Jones realized that he had been sent his father's Grail Diary from Venice and the two arranged for a flight to Italy to continue their search for Henry Jones.[1]

In 1941, Henry Jones, Sr. was visited by his son and Bert Brodowski, as Indiana was looking for assistance with a translation.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

The exterior of Professor Jones's home in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade was filmed in the English suburb of Mill Hill in London.[4]



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