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Abdullah Antiques was a shop lying on The Street of a Thousand Puddles in Cairo, Egypt around 1908. In May of that year, Indiana Jones and his tutor Miss Seymour visited the store in hopes of returning a wallet they had discovered.

Inside, Jones overheard two members of the Jackal Society in a back room discussing the tomb of Kha and a foreigner sympathetic to their cause at the excavation site. One also let slip that their parrot protects their messages. Jones found a roll of paper jutting from the sleeping bird's seed tray and, taking it from the cage, read the encrypted message. Suddenly, the parrot woke up and its screams alerted the Society members of people in the shop.

Jones and Miss Seymour fled the establishment on the run from men sent after them but the pair evaded capture by hiding in some baskets outside.

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