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Established in 1854 by A. Zyng, the Adventure Society was a group of archaeologists and explorers who traveled the world exploring ancient civilizations and recovering lost artifacts.

The Adventure Society had an oath by which all new members had to swear: "We unearth forgotten temples. We climb the highest peaks. We discover hidden treasures, for it is Adventure that we seek! We pledge to help the innocent and those who are in need. We vow to keep the world safe from those who worship greed. For our World is full of mystery and places to Explore - Until we find the Ultimate Treasure, Towards Adventure we will soar!"

In 1934, US intelligence agents Eaton and Musgrove approached an Adventure Society team led by Professor John Allen to propose that the group became their "top men."

Adventure Society personnel[]

Behind the scenes[]

The Adventure Society is introduced in the video game Indiana Jones Adventure World, and was already in place when the game was simply Adventure World before Zynga obtained the Indiana Jones license.

When the game became an official Indiana Jones title, the original structure stayed in place, and Indiana Jones was brought into the game seeking the help of Adventure Society members.