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The Aegean Sea is a large body of water and part of the greater Mediterranean Sea. This area served as a significant theater of conflict preceding and during World War II.


In prehistoric times, Atlantis was the first known advanced civilization. Filled with pride, the Atlanteans, conquered the "island kingdoms" of the Aegean and the known world. Atlantis had at least two colonies in the Aegean, such as the Greater at Knossos, Crete and the Lesser on Thera.[1]

In 1936, a secret submarine base, Geheimhaven, controlled by Nazi Germany was in operation on an island,[2] north of Crete in the Aegean.[3] There, at the Tabernacle, René Belloq, Arnold Toht, Herman Dietrich, and the other Nazis performed a ritual on the Ark of the Covenant.[2]


Geheimhaven was located in the Aegean Sea.

In 1969, following an incident in Morocco, Indiana Jones, Helena Shaw and Teddy Kumar traveled to Athens, Greece to meet with Renaldo, an old friend of Jones' and an expert diver. They boarded Renaldo's boat and headed to an island in the Aegean Sea where a Roman ship with the Graphikos, tablet holding the location of the Antikythera, sank off the coast.[4]

Jones, Helena, Renaldo and his crew mate Popeye prepare to dive while Teddy stays onboard but Helena notices movement on the surface. Renaldo points out that they eels and encourages his companions not to get bitten. Indy and Helena reached the shipwreck and recovered Graphikos tablet. Jones got caught within a large group of eels which attack him but was able to escape the eels by using a flare.[4]

The divers spotted another vessel had arrived and saw several figures jump from one boat to their own. Suddenly Popeye's breathing tube was cut loose which sent to drown into the depths. When they surfaced Indy, Helena and Renaldo reach the surface found Teddy has been captured and the rest of Renaldos crew had been murdered by Jürgen Voller and his associates. Klaber snatched the Graphikos' container from Helena and handed it to Voller.[4]

The Nazis opened the chest and when Jones refused to translate the text, Voller shot Renaldo dead. Helena volunteered to do it in exchange for diamonds, wandering around the cabin while she spoke her thought process aloud in figuring out the written clues during which she revealed to Indy that she had pocketed a stick of dynamite.[4]

Helena then asks for the smoking Voller's cigarette and secretly lit the fuse with help from Indy then threw it across the room. Klaber quickly kicked the explosive blow deck to protect Voller but the detonation allowed Indy, Helena and Teddy time to grab the Graphikos and escape onto the other boat. The trio headed for Syracuse, Sicily leaving Voller and his associates to figure out their pursuit.[4]



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