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Africa is the second-largest continent in the world, after Asia. Even as late as the 1930s, much of its interior had gone unexplored by Europeans, lending it the nickname "The Dark Continent."

Important expeditions into the continent included those by Henry Stanley, Sir Adrian Braidthwaite, and Alan Mauberg.

In the early twentieth century, much of Africa's lands were divided up as European colonies and protectorates. The Europeans believed that they were bringing civilization and the benefits of modern culture to the native African inhabitants, while they tended to exploit the economic resources of the continent. By the middle of the twentieth century, many of the countries of Africa became independent, but suffered from slow economic development and political instability.

Adventures in Africa[]

Indiana Jones journeyed to Africa many times in his life. As a child he visited Egypt,[1] Morocco,[2] and British East Africa while on his father's world lecture tour between 1908[1] and 1910. In 1913, Jones and the Sallah Mohammed Faisel el-Kahir met and became friends at the Great Pyramids.[3] During World War I, Jones and Remy Baudouin were assigned to the African theater of the war, where they fought in German East Africa, and had an expedition across the Congo basin. During the war, Indy joined the French Foreign Legion in Morocco and helped them uncover the identity of a traitor in their own ranks. Indy also battled hostile Berber tribesmen and engaged in an innocent flirtation with the author Edith Wharton.[4] As a spy in World War I, Jones worked in Egypt. He and Habib worked together to stop a German agent from buying an advanced Gatling gun that was hidden in the basement of a pyramid.[5]

As an archaeologist, Jones would periodically return to Africa either to help in the uncovering of archaeological sites and artifacts, or to seek information in the trading centers. In 1936, he discovered the Ark of the Covenant in Egypt, and escaped with it under the noses of the Nazis who were also seeking the Biblical treasure.[6]

In 1939, Indy would travel to Algiers in Algeria in his search of Atlantis. He would meet Omar Al-Jabbar and Paul Abdul and he would be pursued by Berber Marksmen through the Algerian desert while he was looking for German digs. Those digs uncovered the ruins of an ancient outpost of Atlantis.[7]

In 1939, Indy would travel to the Sudan Temple to recover relics from the Nubian pyramids before they could be scavenged by grave robbers. He discovered German soldiers encamped near the pyramids, including Magnus Völler, and recovered several artifacts from them including the Nubian Bust, the Limestone Tablet, the Gold Ram's Head and the Nubian Plate. He escaped by flying a Captured German Biplane through some canyons.[8]

In 1947, while on the search for the Infernal Machine, Indy would visit the pyramids of Meroë in Sudan, to search for one part of Marduk's Infernal Machine. He would meet a Nubian Boy who helped him get into König Salomons Grube. Indy would find the tomb of King Nub and defeat the ancient robot guardian of the tomb and retrieved the missing part as well as some of Solomon's Jewels.[9]

In 1969, Indy and Helena Shaw would travel to Tangier in Morocco and be pulled into a tuk-tuk chase in during the fallout of Helena Shaw's dealings with the Antikythera.[10]

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