The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles 5: African Safari is the fifth of Bantam Books' Choose Your Own Adventure series based on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles. Written by Richard Brightfield with illustrations by Frank Bolle, and published in 1993, the gamebook adapts the episode "British East Africa, September 1909" (Passion for Life).

Publisher's summaryEdit

On safari with President Theodore Roosevelt...
Captured by a warlike nomadic tribe...
Charged by a man-eating hippopotamus...
Riding on a train through
the African savannah...and
learning a lesson in the relationship
between man and nature...

These are only some of the adventures you will have as young Indiana Jones.

The year is 1909, and you and your parents are traveling through British East Africa, invited to spend time on a friend's coffee plantation. When you arrive, you join a safari searching for the incredibly rare fringe-eared oryx—and soon become involved in a very dangerous hunt. You'll also get to meet larger-than-life President Theodore Roosevelt, peaceful Kikuyu tribesmen, and the warlike Maasai.

Will you be bitten by poisonous snakes? Or will you find the fringe-eared oryx and save it from extinction? Only you, as indiana Jones, can choose your own adventure.