Alain Arnoux was a young Haitian man who lived in Port-au-Prince. He had a close resemblence to his older sister, Marie Arnoux. He primarily spoke Creole and was a cousin to André.

In the summer of 1943, his sister was hired by Indiana Jones and George McHale to guide them to Zile Muri-yo to find the Heart of Darkness. After her first meeting with them, she summoned Alain to guide the two foreigners to Madam Josette's house, where they could find lodging.

The next day, he drove Marie, Jones, and McHale from Port-au-Prince to Terre Rouge in an older Chevrolet sedan. Alain's carefree driving over bumpy roads made Jones nervous at times. After reaching his cousin's boat in Terre Rouge and dropping off his passengers, Alain waved farewell to the foreigners and drove off.

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