Alain Trottier was an superstitious, amateur scholar based in Monte Carlo.

Trottier was interested in obscure topics like divination, and was married. He also knew and appreciated psychic Sophia Hapgood.

In 1939, Indiana Jones used his help to acquire the Sunstone in his search for Atlantis. In order to gain his trust, Trottier asked Indy about a topic found only in the Lost Dialogue.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Alain Trottier appears in the game Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis however his role differs according to the player's approach. There are about three different options.

  • In the Team path, Indy and Sophia plan to bring him to a séance so that they can obtain a Sunstone from him. When meeting Indy, he reveals something about himself, like his greatest fear and the divination he practiced that day, which is random. The player can use this information so that Sophia can correctly guess his questions and persuade him to leave the Sunstone to her - the last question however has a purely random element.
    An alternative way for Indy is to disguise himself as a ghost and frighten Trottier away, leaving the Sunstone behind.
  • In the Wits path, Trottier will simply give Indy his business card, which will allow him to approach Omar Al-Jabbar. Later, Indy learns that Nazi agents are using Sophia to approach Trottier, and goes to warn him, only to see him captured. Indy then pursues and crashes their car in order to save him. During the fray, Trottier throws the Sunstone out of the car's window and Indy must look in the streets of Monte Carlo to find it.
  • In the Fists path, Trottier simply will give Indy his business card and won't be seen again. The Sunstone will be found in a wholly different place.

In the comic, an alternative character called "C. Trottier" appears, whose role is minimal to the story.

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