"There are some things worth dying for"
―Alecia Dunstin[src]

Alecia Dunstin was a red-headed librarian at the British Museum. In 1934, during the events surrounding Ultima Thule, she died in Indiana Jones' arms.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Alecia Dunstin met Indiana Jones in 1933 while he was looking for her alchemist brother, Alistair. The pair went the siblings' London apartment where Alecia explained to Jones that she was the last of a dying race and tattoos on her back would reveal the location of the Philosopher's Stone.

Tracked down by Italian Fascists, Alecia and Indy escape to a garbage freight where they escape detection hidden in the garbage compartment. After forcing the ship's crew to dump the trash along with Indy and Alecia, the pair made their way to a flying boat which was part of the armada, before it began its flight to Italy.

In Italy, Jones and Alecia confronted Leonardo Sarducci, Mussolini's criminally insane minister of the archaic and leader of the Fascist effort to locate the atifact, in his office. Having seen a strong resemblance to his deceased wife in Alecia, Sarducci accidentally revealed a clue that took them to Libya where Alastair was being held.

After traveling to Libya and meeting up with Sallah, Jones eventually deciphered the map on Alecia's back but discovered that Alistair was actually working with Sarducci to uncover the Philosopher's Stone. With Sallah and Alecia detained by Sarducci, Indy and Alistair returned with the artifact. Sarducci was killed upon touching it but Alistair sacrificed himself to destroy the Philosopher's Stone after which Alecia eventually returned to London.

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