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"Alexander was the greatest general ever. But how many acquired the status of a god?"
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Alexander III, more commonly known as Alexander the Great, was a Macedonian king and one of the most successful military commanders in history.


Alexander was born to Philip II and Olympias in 356 BC.

Alexander in battle

As a young man, he had been tutored by Aristotle before inheriting the crown and a unified Greece from his father. He set out to conquer the Persian Empire, and spread Greek culture across the Middle East, all the way to India. Before his death at age 32, he conquered most of the world known to the ancient Greeks including Chanri-Ha where he became immortalized as the Great God Zander, influencing the shape of the city's religion with their deity Zan-Khan.

While conquering portions of the eastern Mediterranean world, Egypt and the Middle East, he also ordered the building of many cities, including several that were named in his honor, Alexandria in Egypt (founded in 331 BC), and Alexandretta in Asia Minor.


After his death, Alexander the Great's empire was divided into four major portions, ruled by his generals. His wife Roxane and their child were murdered in the power struggle.

The valuable Ivory Iskander artifact was crafted in Alexander's image and encountered by a young Indiana Jones in India, 1914. A large diamond once in Alexander's possession, the Peacock's Eye, would be searched out by Indiana Jones post-World War I.

Theorizing that Alexander's army had carried the Ark of the Covenant through the Himalayas, Abner Ravenwood journeyed to Nepal and discovered the Macedonian Coins which bore Alexander's likeness.

An unknown archaeologist cataloged the armor of Alexander the Great as part of research for the Smithsonian Institution in the early 1930s but had specific instructions not to unearth any artifacts found.



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