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Alexandria is a city on the Egyptian coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Founded in 330 BC by Alexander the Great, it became well known in ancient times for its repository of knowledge, known as the Royal Library of Alexandria.[2]

The Pharos at Alexandria was contructed around 270 BC by Sostratos and became one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World in the sixth century (AD) before falling into ruination by the 15th century.[3]

Adventures in Alexandria[]

In 1908, the Joneses traveled through Alexandria on Professor Jones' world lecture tour while touring Egypt.[1]

Indiana Jones later returned to the city with Remy Baudouin in 1919 while chasing the Peacock's Eye diamond of Alexander the Great.[4]

In 1941, when debating over the existence of the Akashic Hall of Records, Musgrove mentioned that history books did not cover when or how the Royal Library was destroyed, but Jones countered that at least Alexandria was known to be a real place, with a documented history.[2]

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