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The Amazon River is the longest river of South America, and by discharge of water the largest river on Earth. The river has its sources in Peru, but it's largest part is in Brazil, and it discharges into the Atlantic Ocean at the north-western coast of Brazil.

The river's basin, the largest in the world, covers about 40% of the area of South America. It's largest part is the the forested region of Amazon.

Adventures at Amazon River[]

In 1957, Indiana Jones and Mutt Williams were captured by Soviet Special Forces at Chauchilla Cemetery near Nazca, Peru. They were brought by airplane to Iquitos and continued by ship on the Amazon River to Ilha Aramacá. From there, they were brought to the Soviet jungle camp where they were united with Harold Oxley and Marion Ravenwood.

In one of Oxley's riddles, the Amazon River was indicated by a combination of the ideograms for "horizon" and "snake", meaning "great snake", which referred to the meandering course of the Amazon River. Near the location where the Sono River reaches the Amazon River, the hidden entry to the town of Akator was to be found.

Behind the scenes[]


Map superimposed on Amazon River

The Amazon River was visible in the movie only in a short scene when the voyage from Peru to Brazil was shown on a map. Between Iquitos and Ilha Aramacá, the map was superimposed on an aerial view of a river with a ship on it. The map was slowly fading out, and the ship on the river remained.


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