The Hovitos tribe.

The American Indians are the indigenous people of North and South America. They are believed to have migrated from Siberia to Alaska and downwards, going into South America thousands of years ago. Not one distinct culture, they formed different tribal and urban societies throughout the Americas. While many of the Mesoamerican groups formed advanced urban civilizations, like that of the Olmec, Maya, or Aztec, other groups remained smaller, and interacted with the tribes around them.

In North America, a great variety of tribes lived in different regions of the country. Some were nomadic hunters and gatherers while others were agriculturists. The Hopi and Navajo live in the southwest United States.

Indiana Jones encountered several Native Americans during his lifetime as well as being involved in searches for related artifacts.

In 1950, Jones helped his friend Greycloud, member of a Native American tribe, recover a stolen peace pipe and escaped in Wyoming.

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