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The anaconda is a large, non-venomous snake.

An anaconda was part of the sequence of events that led to Indiana Jones developing ophidiophobia in 1912. While Jones fled from Fedora's men with the Cross of Coronado on the Dunn & Duffy Circus train, the ceiling-mounted crawlway he used in the reptile car broke and he came face to face with an anaconda that reared up out of its water tank. To get away, Jones ended up rolling into a vat of smaller snakes.

In 1933, at thirty-eight feet in length, an unusually large, seemingly longlived anaconda resided around the lost city of Cozán's Temple of the Serpent in British Honduras. It followed Indiana Jones inside the temple and made its appearance when he and his guide, Bernabé were held at gunpoint by Fascist Marco Volatore. Volatore didn't heed Jones's warning that the biggest snake he'd ever seen was behind him, and the Fascist was bitten, constricted then consumed in front of Jones and Bernabé. The anaconda slithered away to deposit its meal before returning for the archaeologist and his guide, but Jones killed it with a make-shift explosive to allow the pair to leave the temple.

The American Museum of Natural History owned a stuffed anaconda that was all too realistic for Jones following his time in Cozán.

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