An angel is said to be a heavenly being.

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When the Black Stone fell from Heaven into the Garden of Eden and absorbed the sins of Adam, the archangel Gabriel took the Stone and gave it to Abraham.

Uriel. Gabriel, Raphael and Michael were the archangels of the north, east, south and west respectively. Invoking their names was part of a ritual required to bring out the power of an alicorn at the Temple of Purity in Greece.

Anna Mary Jones told her son Indiana that when a good person died, their soul would go to Heaven with the angels and God. When the young Indiana repeated this in front on Thomas Edward Lawrence in May 1908, he was told that that was the Christian perspective and gave him some details on the Muslim, Hindu and Ancient Egyptian attitudes towards the afterlife.

When Jones was hired to locate the Ark of the Covenant in 1936, Marcus Brody had reservations in part due to his knowledge that the Bible connected the Ark with Armageddon after "the seventh angel blew his trumpet" in the book of Revelation.

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