"Hmm, ruthless but foolish... I like that in a fanatic!"
Indiana Jones[src]

General Schlossberg in the antechamber of an ancient temple, on a mission to find the Aztec Mirror.

General Anton Schlossberg was a German general who led an expeditionary force of Nazis into Mexico in search of powerful ancient artifacts. His efforts were concentrated into the area of Site R, where Indiana Jones and Marcus Brody had already begun excavations.

Artifacts that Schlossberg was looking for were usually rumored to possess great powers, which could be used as a weapon. Among the items he sought were the Jaguar Codex, an Aztec Mirror, a Mayan Stele, an Aztec Calendar Stone, and the Jaguar Pendant.

Schlossberg kidnapped Marcus once, in order to coerce Jones into finding the Jaguar Pendant.


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