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The Apollo 11 ticker tape parade occurred in 1969 during the celebrations by New York City for NASA's success in the Space Race, which was interrupted by Indiana Jones being pursued by Klaber and Hauke.

Event chronology[]

Following NASA rocket Apollo 11's successful Moon landing, beating the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics in the Space Race, the United States of America celebrated by organizing a parade through the streets of New York City for the astronauts.[1]

During the parade, the American archaeologist Indiana Jones disrupted the proceedings by alerting a NYPD Mounted Officer about the recent events at Hunter College. Jones commandeered the officer's horse in order to escape Klaber whom stole a piece of the Department's equipment himself, a motorbike, in order to chase down the very recently retired archaeologist, while Hauke, another one of Voller's men, hijacked a car with an unsuspecting woman to chase Jones. Indy rode the horse through the entire main stretch of the parade, eventually riding it down some steps underground into the city's subway system. During this brief period he was forced onto the tracks, then having to avoid an oncoming train by crossing at a small section within the tunnel, only to cross onto the other stretch of track and have another train chase him down, this time from behind. After years of experience on horseback, Jones got the Arabian to go at full gallop in order to narrowly outrun the train, allowing him to safely complete his escape.[1]

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Behind the scenes[]

Screenshot 2023-07-08 153712

Filming of the parade in Glasgow.

Shots of the Apollo 11 ticker tape parade, a fictionalized version of an historic event, appeared in the first teaser trailer for Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, released on December 1, 2022.[2] Leaked images from the sequence, however, were released earlier on July 13, 2021 during filming which hinted that part of the film would set during August 1969.[3]

The filming of the parade was shot primarily down St Vincent Street in Glasgow, Scotland.



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