"Miss Appleton has the list of this semester's assigned readings."
Indiana Jones[src]

Miss Appleton worked at Barnett College.

In 1938, Professor Henry Jones, Jr. reminded his students at the end of class to pick up their reading assignments from Miss Appleton, before he met with Marcus Brody to discuss finding the Cross of Coronado.

Behind the scenesEdit

Miss Appleton's role at Barnett College in the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade comic adaptation is unclear and could range from grad student, teaching assistant, secretary to departmental staff person. As such, it is possible that Irene, Indiana Jones' secretary, and Miss Appleton are one and the same, as it makes sense that the professor's secretary (later seen dealing with students) would have a course reading list. While Jones might refer to Irene by her first name when talking with her, he might also refer to her by a formal title when discussing her with his students.


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