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An Arab Henchman was one of a group of local misfits and criminals hired off the streets of Cairo, Egypt by German intelligence agents as part of their work to waylay threats and prevent interference to the Nazi excavation of nearby Tanis to unearth the lost Ark of the Covenant.

In 1936, the henchman, along with other hired toughs, ambushed archaeologist Indiana Jones and his associate Marion Ravenwood in a marketplace when the pair arrived in the city in pursuit of the Ark. However, during the attack, he accidentally stabbed one of his own allies.

Biography Edit

By 1936, a German Gestapo agent and two associates had infiltrated Cairo, Egypt as part of the Nazi excavation of the lost Ark of the Covenant at Tanis.[1] Positioned to prevent threats to the ongoing work at Tanis, the German agent and his partners monitored the movements of American archaeologist Indiana Jones and bar owner Marion Ravenwood when they arrived in the city chasing the location of the Ark themselves.[2]

An Arab tough, along with several other native henchmen, was hired by the German agents to form part of an attack against Jones and Ravenwood. Each of their identities obscured by a dark keffiyeh, the robed men assembled near a marketplace where Jones and Ravenwood were shopping.[2]

Arab stabbing aftermath

The henchman accidentally stabbed his ally.

During their ambush, the Arab henchman tried to stab Jones with his sword at the same time as another but the archaeologist dodged, sending the weapon went straight through the other tough and catching some fruit on the tip. With little sympathy, the henchman simply spun his still-standing ally around to yank out the sword and continued the fight.[2]

Behind the scenes Edit

The Arab Henchman was portrayed by an uncredited Paul Weston in Raiders of the Lost Ark. Weston also played several other Arabs, as well as one of the Nazi soldiers aboard the cargo truck and one of the soldiers aboard a troop carrier shot down by Marion Ravenwood.

With the exception of those individually named in the film's credits, the Cairo-based Egyptian antagonists are all collectively called Arab Henchmen in the Raiders of the Lost Ark Sourcebook and share the same gameplay stats.[1]

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