The Arab Swordsman (also known as the Cairo Swordsman) challenged Indiana Jones in Cairo in 1936 during Indy's frantic search for the kidnapped Marion Ravenwood. A busy Cairo marketplace suddenly parts as a black-robed man confronts Jones with a simitar. However, Jones decides he has no time for a protracted fight and simply shoots him. The Cairo citizens cheer this and run off with his sword.

Behind the scenes

The scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark as shot for the film was dramatically shortened. Harrison Ford along with most of the crew were suffering from dysentery, and attempted to film the scripted lengthy sword duel. Ford then suggested they "just shoot the f***er". Steven Spielberg agreed resulting in the biggest laugh of the film and one of it's most memorable sequences.[1]

The scene is virtually replicated for the prequel, Temple of Doom. Escaping from the Temple, two swordsmen challenge Indy, and he reaches for his gun. The music cue confirms the homage to Raiders of the Lost Ark, however he smiles and shrugs when he finds it's simply not there.


Notes and references

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