"Archaeology 101" is an introductory archaeology course offered at several colleges, including Marshall College and Barnett College.

Indiana Jones teaching Archaeology 101 at Marshall College.

In 1936, before his travels to track down the Headpiece to the Staff of Ra, Indiana Jones was teaching an "Archaeology 101" course at Marshall College. Susan Ryan was a student in that class. Miss Greebley also took the class and gained extra by allowing Jones to knock a cigarette from her mouth with his bullwhip.

In 1937 at Barnett College, Snedly had assigned three sections of Archaeology 101 to Professor Jones for the fall semester, but transferred his "Origins of the Incas 201" seminar to visiting professor Francisca Uribe Del Arco. Lucy's friend was glad to have made it into one of Jones' "Archaeology 101" sections, while Lucy considered Jones to be a dream divine. Unfortunately, Jones and Uribe were granted sabbaticals just as the semester started, and Marcus Brody ended up temporarily in charge of Jones' class.

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