Archibald "Archie" Malloy was prospector that lived in a small cabin in the mountains of Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada. In 1912, he was visited by a young Indiana Jones who came to help him get rid of a "manitou" and protect his gold.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Early in his life Malloy went to school with Henry Jones Sr. and claimed they were good friends, though Jones recalled Malloy as being "a real dunce, especially in history."

In September 1896, Brandon Chinook discovered a vein of gold in mountains of the Whitehorse, Yukon. As the was gold plentiful and difficult to carry he accepted an offer from Malloy, in which he would help Chinook carry the gold for half of it. As they crossed a river with slippery stepping stones, Malloy pushed Chinook who then was swept by the currents, dead.

Overtime he hid the gold in cave near his cabin and bear traps and mines. Sometime soon after he began to hear strange noises outside his home every night at midnight. He began to believe that this was a manitou, or indian spirt. He began to become crazy and emaciated to the point that the local townspeople began to refer to him as the "hermit of Whitehorse".

In 1907, after years of torment from the spirt he sent a letter to his old friend Henry Jones Sr. asking for his help in disposing of the manitou in return for some of his gold.

After five years of travel, when Malloy had almost given up all hope that Jones might come, the letter made it to Utah and Jones' son, Indiana Jones opened it and concocted a plan to come to Alaska, help Malloy, and receive the gold.

Eventually Jones, arrived at Malloy's cabin with his friends in tow, and proceeded to solve the case. Malloy went to tell them during this time a lie as to how he acquired the gold.

After a few nights, they were held at gunpoint by an Indian who ordered Malloy to take him to the cave. Once getting there Malloy went in to the cave to disarm the traps but managed to set off a mine that gave him time to take the indians gun. After this he forced the kids and the indian into the cave where the indian revealed himself to be Officer Adam Chinook, brother to Brandon Chinook, the indian that Malloy had killed. Malloy returned to the entrance of the cave to make sure that no one came to there rescue. As he waited outside he became drunk of a bottle of ratafia and was subsequently arrested by the police.

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