Aristotle - Creating Foundations is a companion historical documentary that accompanies Chapter 4: Travels with Father in The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. It appears on Disc 6 of Volume 1. It has a run-time of 21 minutes, 37 seconds.

Official summary[edit | edit source]

No other philosopher has ranged so broadly over so many topics, nor made so many discoveries than Aristotle. In ancient Greece, Aristotle differed from his mentor Plato by not attributing answers to an unseen hereafter, but rather seeking to understand life by examining the here-and-now. Aristotle's analytical leanings and quest for knowledge led to the development of logic, and his constructions continue to shape our world today, from the syllogisms employed by lawyers to win cases to the rules that define the latest computer code.

Summary[edit | edit source]

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Credits[edit | edit source]

Produced and written by Jennifer Petrucelli.

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