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Arnie's Diner was a diner in Bedford, Connecticut, on a street corner near the Marshall College campus. Serving malted milkshakes, burgers, and beers, it was a popular hangout for both college students and motorcycle-riding greasers.


In 1957, Mutt Williams and Indiana Jones went to Arnie's Diner to talk about Harold Oxley and his disappearance after Mutt pulled Indy off of a train. Williams gave Jones a letter sent from Oxley to his mother in the hope that Jones could help decipher it to find a crystal skull.[1]


However, also in the diner were two KGB agents, who had followed the pair, and attempted to apprehend them. When Williams took out his knife to defend himself, the two drew their guns and forced them to leave. Jones got Williams to create a diversion by starting a fight between the college kids and the greasers. During the scuffle, the pair managed to slip out of the diner and hop onto Mutt's motorcycle. The KGB agents eventually got out, and followed by car.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

According to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull production designer Guy Hendrix Dyas, Arnie's Diner was named after the late Arnold Spielberg, an American electrical engineer and father of director Steven Spielberg.[2]



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