Ashley Walters as Omar

Ashley Walters (born June 30, 1982) is an actor and rapper who played Omar in the "Tangiers, July 1909" segment of My First Adventure, newly filmed for home video when The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles was modified to become The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.

Walters had never done any onscreen work before this role, but has since gone on to an extensive acting career. His feature film credits include Bullet Boy, House of 9, Get Rich or Die Tryin', Life & Lyrics, wΔz, Sugarhouse, Speed Racer, and St George's Day (with Sean Pertwee); while his television appearances include a starring role on Outcasts and recurring roles on Grange Hill, Top Buzzer, and Hustle, as well as guest roles on Dark Realm, Holby City, Sinbad (with Orla Brady), Doctor Who, The Musketeers, Transporter: The Series, and The Aliens.

As Asher D, Walters became a member of the hip-hop group So Solid Crew, with performances on multiple tracks including the UK chart-topping single "21 Seconds" in 2001. He has also separately released numerous studio albums, mixtapes, and standalone singles beginning with the album Why Me? in 2002, still using the stage name Asher D for these releases before switching to his full name in 2008.

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