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Asia is the largest continent in the world, located east of Europe, west of the Pacific Ocean, north of the Indian Ocean and Australia, and northeast of Africa. It covers a broad variety of environments and terrains, ranging from the frozen tundra and forests of Siberia to the arid deserts of Arabia and steppes of Central Asia, to the tropical rain forests of India and southeast Asia. It is home to the highest mountains on earth, the Himalaya range, as well as most of the populous nations.

Many parts of Asia have a long history of human development, including a succession of empires in countries like China, Mongolia, Japan, India and the Middle East. By the twentieth century, the European powers sought to tap into the economic output of Asia through colonization and trade franchises. India, Indonesia and the Middle East had become European colonies, while Japan and China were opened to European trade. Japan's territorial ambitions in the 1930s helped bring war to the continent during World War II.

After World War II, the European colonies in Asia were moving towards full independence, though the clashes of ideology of the Cold War were turned into active wars in Korea and Vietnam.

Adventures in Asia[]

Indiana Jones journeyed to Asia many times in his life. As a child, he visited India and China while on his father's world lecture tour in 1910. As an intelligence agent during World War I, Jones traveled to different parts of the Ottoman Empire on espionage and military missions. After the war, Jones and Remy Baudouin visited southern and southeast Asia while searching for the Peacock's Eye.

As an archaeologist, Jones had several adventures in Asia. In 1935, he journeyed to Shanghai to trade Nurhachi's ashes to Lao Che, and ended up in India, retrieving the stolen Sankara Stones and freeing the children of Mayapore. In 1936, he visited Nepal to track down Abner Ravenwood, but instead found the professor's daughter, Marion Ravenwood, who joined him on the hunt for the Ark of the Covenant. In 1938, Jones and his father discovered the Holy Grail in Hatay, and kept it from Nazi possession.

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