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Athens is the capital and largest city of Greece. Located near the southern coast of Greece, Athens was one of the strongest Greek city-states in ancient times, and is considered the birthplace of democracy and cradle of Western civilization. It served as birthplace or home to many of the most famous philosophers, artists, and leaders of Ancient Greece. After centuries of rule by Romans, Byzantines, and later Ottomans, Athens became the capital of independent Greece in the early nineteenth century.

Adventures in Athens[]

In 1910, young Indiana Jones, his parents Henry and Anna, and his tutor Helen Seymour arrived in Athens on a steamship from Odessa, Russia via Constantinople and Thessalonike. From the ship, his father pointed out some of the minarets in the city.[1]

The family began a visit to the ruins of the Parthenon, but returned to the Athenian hotel to care for the ailing Miss Seymour. Anna planned a weekend trip to take Miss Seymour to a spa, and visit her sister, leaving Indiana in the care of Henry, who planned to visit the monasteries of Kalambaka for research. Despite both their objections of being alone with each other, Anna headed out.[1]

Henry and Indiana took a cab to the ruins of ancient theater overlooking the city, where Henry explained the concept of philosophy and Aristotle's use of syllogisms. After finally grasping the concept of logic, they returned to get into the wrong cab, and were forced to continue their journey to Kalambaka on foot.[1]

After their overnight trip, they returned to Athens and the hotel, having had several adventures which caused them to become closer as father and son.[1]

In 1914, Jones had returned to Athens, where he had an encounter with the thief Markos Kourou.[2]

In 1938, Jones had rescued his father from the Nazis and reached Berlin, where they bought zeppelin tickets to Athens.[3] En route, the zeppelin began to turn back to Germany, and the Joneses escaped via biplane.[4]

During the search for the Dial of Destiny in 1969, Jones – accompanied by Helena Shaw and Teddy Kumar – returned to Athens hoping to get a boat that could take him to the Aegean Sea, the resting place of the Roman ship wreck where the first half of the artifact was first discovered by sponge divers, and where the Grafikos presumably still lay hidden. There he met up with his old friend and expert diver, Renaldo.

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