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The Atlantic Ocean is the one of the larger of the five oceans on Earth, stretching from the Arctic to Antarctica, and surrounded by Europe, Africa, North America and South America. It connects to the Pacific Ocean south of South America, to the Arctic Ocean around Greenland, Iceland and Norway, and to the Mediterranean Sea at the Straits of Gibraltar, and to the Indian Ocean, south of Africa. Islands such as Cuba and Hispaniola and the West Indies separate the ocean from the Caribbean Sea.

In 1912, Indiana Jones and Miss Seymour boarded the Titanic on its maiden voyage but they survived the vessel's sinking.[1]

In 1938, Jones found himself floating in the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Portugal, after retrieving the Cross of Coronado from Panama Hat, and destroying the Vasquez de Coronado. Later that year, he and Marcus Brody flew across the Atlantic Ocean, from New York City, stopping in Newfoundland, and the Azores, before continuing to Venice.[2]

In 1939, Jones hired Bill Lawton to help him find a Viking Knarr on an iceberg in the North Atlantic. Lawton and Jones were left aboard the iceberg for weeks until they were rescued by the French liner Normandie, only to end up in a lifeboat together, this time with New Jersey Jones and Cairo. They got stuck in the Sargasso Sea, but Jones eventually escaped with help from a rotting fleet run by the Sargasso Pirates.[3]

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