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Austria is a landlocked country located in central Europe, bordering Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and other countries. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Austria was ruled by the Habsburg family. By the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, it was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire under the Habsburgs. During World War I, the empire was allied with Germany. After the war, the empire collapsed, and Austria became a republic.

In 1933, it became an autocratic regime which struggled not to join a Germany growing in power. After a civil war in 1934, it finally became a part of Nazi Germany in 1938, when German troops occupied the country. Many people joined the Nazi forces, though a few joined the resistance.

On April 13th 1945, Vienna fell to the Soviets. They soon elected a president, who declared Austria independent from the Third Reich.

Adventures in Austria[]

In November 1908, while accompanying his parents on his father's world lecture tour, a young Indiana Jones traveled to Vienna, where he fell in love with princess Sophie von Hohenberg, and sought relationship advice from Sigmund Freud.[1]


U.S. Embassy in Vienna.

In March 1917, Jones returned to Austria, via Switzerland, as an intelligence agent escorting Prince Sixtus and Xavier to Vienna on a mission to help convince their sister, Empress Zita and her husband, Emperor Karl I to end Austria's participation in World War I. A local contact, Schultz helped arrange papers inside Austria, but their contact in Vienna was being watched by the Austrian secret police, and was killed. Eventually Jones and the two princes met with the emperor and secured his letter of surrender. Traveling by train back to Switzerland, the trio were nearly captured at the border, but Jones' quick thinking and actions allowed them all to slip across the border.[2]

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