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The Bahamas is an island country lies southeast of Florida and north of Cuba and Hispaniola. The nation is spread over an archipelago that includes Bimini.

Adventures in the Bahamas[]

In 1933, Indiana Jones explained to Princeton secretary Penelope Angstrom that the Central American Indians believed the Fountain of Youth was located in the Bahamas.[1]

Three years later, Jones acquired a permit in Bimini to go diving in search of evidence of Atlantis. While in the water, a corrupt captain called Belgrade tried to rob Jones of his find but Short Round came to Jones's rescue in a speedboat.[2]

By 1941, Sir Reginald Brooksbank had moved to the Bahamas and discovered the Akashic Hall of Records in Bimini around May when led there by a dream. However, the Hall of Records was interdimensional and shifted its location to Uxmal, Mexico where Indiana Jones tracked it down in the July of that year.[3]



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