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"And a ring of gold that was given to the initiate as a symbol... of passing between through the worlds of life and death."
―Theresa Lawrence[src]

Baldur's Ring was a gold ring with Norse designs. It was stored in the lowest chamber of the Temple of Old Uppsala, in a room with a statue of Baldur the Beautiful, and possibly used in initiation rites of the cult of Odin. The ring was kept on the tip of Baldur's Sword.

In 1930, Theresa Lawrence and Indiana Jones entered the Temple of Old Uppsala and eventually reached the chamber with Baldur's statue. Though they both saw the statue and the ring, Lawrence reached for it, while Jones, fearing booby-traps, leaped out of the way. When nothing happened, Lawrence claimed the ring and left, sealing Jones inside, but promising to send help. As Lawrence left the temple with the ring, she was approached by a pistol-waving figure.

Her French assailant didn't take the ring from her - he was interested in a scroll instead as the more valuable object. Lawrence took the ring to the British Museum. One evening, Jones snuck into her office to steal the ring back, hoping to use the ring to leverage future expeditions for him and Marcus Brody even during the Depression. Lawrence caught Jones in the act, and explained that according to her attacker, the scroll was more valuable. Jones realized that the would-be robber was Belloq. Thinking quickly, he and Lawrence teamed up to track down Belloq and recover the scroll. In Marrakesh, Jones and Lawrence were able to steal the scroll back from Belloq before he could sell it to Krause, a Nazi agent. However, on the flight back, Lawrence naively gave the scroll to men claiming to be from the Swedish National Museum. Back at the British Museum, Jones bid his farewell to Lawrence, and slipped out -- with the ring. On the London streets, he mentioned to Brody that they should probably leave the country as soon as possible with their consolation prize.

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