Barcelona History Museum

The Barcelona History Museum is a museum located in Barcelona, Spain. The main building, a multi-story structure, rare artifacts from around the world. Items were displayed in the open.

Adventures at the Barcelona History Museum[edit | edit source]

In the late spring or early summer of 1931, thieves had been breaking into museums and stealing statues of animals made by Wohat, a 16th Century Ottoman artist. The Barcelona museum held the last remaining Wohat piece, a statue of a lion.

After the theft of the New York Museum of History's Wohat crocodile statue, Indiana Jones began to research how the Wohat statues were connected to the mythical Invincible Ruby of Ali Bey, when he received word that the lion statue in Barcelona had been stolen. Jones flew to Barcelona and snuck around the museum at night. Sensing another person entering the room that held the Wohat display, Jones grabbed the intruder, who turned out to be Ballantine Gruber, who teamed up with Jones so that he could recover the lost crocodile statue.

Three other intruders arrived, and Gruber identified them as the thieves from the New York heist. Jones used his whip to escape out the window onto the fire escape, leaving Gruber to be locked into a sarcophagus by the thugs. The henchman in the turban tried to reach up the fire escape's stairs for Jones, but Jones stepped on his hands. The henchman with the goatee tackled Jones as he tried to enter an upstairs window, but knocked Jones and himself over the edge. Holding onto the railing, Jones shook off the thug clinging to him, and the man in the goatee crashed down on his fellow thug with the turban, breaking the fire escape stairs.

Jones climbed onto the roof, where the last thief, a man in a fez pulled a pistol on him. Jones grappled with the man, and knocked him off the roof, but holding up from a fall with his whip. Forced to bargain for his life, the thief revealed that René Belloq had hired him to scare Jones and that if released, he would lead Jones to Belloq. After pulling the man up, Jones turned his back to coil his whip and was assaulted by the man, who hit Jones in the head with a piece of wood before leaving through the roof exit. Feigning unconsciousness, Jones waited until the man left, and began tailing him through the town, until reaching a hotel where the man met with Belloq.

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