Bassam Ghaly was the overseer in charge of the workers at Howard Carter's dig site in Egypt in 1908. To Rasheed Sallam's annoyance, he kept reporting that the workers believed that a curse would fall over those who opened the Tomb of Kha.

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

  • Bassam Ghaly was played by Tony Allef.
  • The character's surname is sometimes given the alternate spelling Ghally, with double l.[1]
  • Although the character's role is basically identical in both the TV episode and its comic version, its aspect varies drastically. In the comic, Ghaly is a balding and very thin man, with accented factions and a sharp nose, and dresses completely in blue (Fez hat included). He is also seen looking angry at Rasheed and later encouraging the scared workers to flee the site when Rasheed's body is found. In the TV version, Ghaly (which in comparison is older and more round shaped) does not do either.

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