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Bats are cave-dwelling winged mammals.

Adventures with bats[]

While they were travelling on elephants through India towards Pankot Palace in 1935, Indiana Jones, Willie Scott and Short Round came across a flock of giant bats.[1] To tease her,[2] Indy stated that they were giant vampire bats,[1] while actually being flying foxes.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

In the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom junior novel, playing on Willie Scott's inexperience of outdoor life, and knowing they are harmless flying foxes, Indiana Jones teases her by saying the bats they spot are giant vampire bats.[2] This was likely written, at least in part, to reconcile the fact that vampire bats aren't native to India outside of movies. However, Indiana Jones: The Ultimate Guide indicates that the jungle around Pankot Palace is home to a variety of exotic animals seemingly drawn to the area from afar including giant vampire bats.[3]



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