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The Bay of Bengal forms the north-eastern part of the Indian Ocean. Geographically, it is positioned between India and the former French Indochina, located below the Bengal region from which the bay took its name during the British Raj.


In 1850, a clipper brig called the Eagle, transporting prisoners from Calcutta to Hong Kong, was caught in a typhoon and shipwrecked. The prisoners on board went down with the ship.[1]

Indy Staff and Bay of Bengal

Indy closes the waters with the Staff.

In 1939, the Nazi zeppelin Odin traveled over the Bay of Bengal with the Staff of Kings on board. The Staff parted the waters and a chase took place on the sea floor between Indy, Maggie O'Malley and Magnus Völler.[2] During the chase, the wreck of the Eagle was exposed. Indy saw the shipwreck but couldn't stop to investigate it.[1] The chase ended with Indy and Maggie reaching dry land and defeating Magnus and the Odin with the Staff closing the waters seemingly of its own free will.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Indy Bay of Bengal Map

Map of the Bay of Bengal circa 1935.

What happens in the bay and who parts the waters changes depending on the version of the Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings.[2]

PS2 and Wii versions[]

In these versions, Magnus Völler is the one who uses the Staff of Kings to part the sea. Indy, Maggie and Magnus all fall of the Odin along with some vehicles. Magnus tries to escape on a motorcycle and Indy and Maggie chase him. They come across the Eagle in these versions only. Indy finds two artifacts on the sea bed that fell of the Odin, the Germanic Cup and the Germanic Shield in these versions only as well. Indy wrestles the Staff of Magnus and his grip fails, getting pulled into the churning sea. Indy and Maggie arrive on and Island and the Staff closes the Bay, destroying the Odin in the Process.[1]

PSP version[]

In this version, Indy and Maggie take the Staff from Magnus and jump out of the Odin. The water breaks there fall and the staff parts the waters. A Half-track falls of the Odin so Indy and Maggie use it to escape while being chased by motorcycles. Eventually they reach dry land and the Staff closes the Bay, destroying the Odin and killing Magnus in the process.[3]

Nintendo DS version[]

Indy defeats Magnus, takes the Staff and jumps of the Odin with Maggie similarly to the PSP version. Unlike that version, Indy and Maggie escape on a Motorcycle, being chased by the Odin and other vehicles. Indy and Maggie reach dry land and the Staff splits the Odin in half, killing Magnus in the process and closing the Bay.[4]



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