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Bedford was a New England college town in the US state of Connecticut. Home of Marshall College, Bedford was where Indiana Jones resided while teaching at the school.


In 1936, after coming up empty-handed in his trip to Peru to find the Chachapoyan Fertility Idol, Jones returned to teach archaeology at Marshall College. After a visit from Major Eaton and Colonel Musgrove, he stopped by his house to pack for his trip to Nepal.[1]


Indiana Jones' Bedford home in 1957.

In 1957, after surviving a nuclear test and FBI interrogation in Nevada, Jones resumed teaching at Marshall College only for him to lose his job when federal agents pressured the Board of Regents to have him fired. He packed up some personal effects from his house, bid his friend Charles Stanforth farewell, and boarded a train toward New York City, when a greaser on a motorcycle got his attention. Back at Arnie's Diner, he got more information from Mutt Williams about Harold Oxley's disappearance, but two KGB agents tried to apprehend the pair. Jones and Williams evaded the agents by driving around town, eventually losing their pursuers by driving across campus on Mutt Williams's motorcycle. After stopping by Jones' residence to do some research, the pair left town to catch a plane to Nazca.[2]

After their adventure with the Crystal Skull of Akator, Jones and Williams returned, along with Marion Ravenwood and Harold Oxley. Jones was made assistant dean at the college, and Jones and Ravenwood got married in a chapel.[2]

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Behind the scenes[]

Bedford first appeared in the novelization of Raiders of the Lost Ark, based on the screenplay, but was not named as such until the development of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull over two decades later.[11][12][13] The establishing shots of Marshall College and Indiana Jones' 1936 home for Raiders were both filmed in California.[14]

For Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the majority of scenes where Indiana Jones and Mutt Williams are chased by KGB agents around Bedford and Marshall College were filmed in New Haven, Connecticut on and around the Yale University campus.[14] The main thoroughfare used was Chapel Street while others in the the chase sequence include College, High and Elm Streets.[15][16][17]

The prominence of the vintage New Britain Transportation Company Inc. transit bus during the motorcycle chase may give the impression that the movie is set in the existing Connecticut city of New Britain but when the streets of New Haven, and the train station at nearby Essex, were dressed for filming in 2007, signs referred to the town as Bedford, an invention for the movie.[3][14] The name can be seen on-screen reflected on the window of the train Indiana Jones boards after being pushed out of his teaching position as well on trash receptacles urging pedestrians to "Keep Bedford Tidy".[2] The Lost Wave for Hasbro's Indiana Jones action figures included a letter from Major Eaton to Indiana Jones which gives Bedford's ZIP code as 06511,[7] which, in reality, belongs to New Haven.[18]

The exterior of Arnie's Diner was done at Paramount Studios in 2007,[3] specifically on the New York Backlot.[19] The establishing shot of Marshall College was a digitally altered re-use of the Raiders image with Jones' house in 1957 and the wedding chapel filmed in California.[20]

The on-location set dressing brought in a number of background elements, including existing store fronts retrofitted to look period appropriate for 1957, which can be viewed in behind-the-scenes footage but aren't visible on-screen as the film cameras ultimately favored the exteriors of the Yale buildings. These stores include:

Marshall Patriots

Patriots games.

Details that weren't shown in officially released footage but captured by local journalists and amateur photographers scouting the set include:

  • Bedford Taxi Checker Special[28] – Indiana Jones arrived at Bedford train station by taxi which was cut from the final film.[3] James Rollins' novelization retains the moment as scripted but identifies the vehicle as a Yellow Cab.[11]
  • F. W. Woolworth Co.[23] (Allegra Print & Imaging and Savitt Jewelers)
  • Hillman Bakery Co.[29] (Costumed extra)
  • Indorf Jewelers[23] (Peter Indorf Jewelers)
  • The Marshall Patriots college football team, nicknamed the Pats, who were scheduled to play, among others, Northern Connecticut University.[30]
  • McCurry's Tavern[31] (Starbucks Coffee)
  • Pawn Shop[23] (Urban Objects/Urban Baby)
  • Royal Linen Service[32] (Costumed extra)
  • S. Malatesta & Sons, whose reach extended to Paterson, New Jersey and Hialeah, Florida.[33] (Van livery)



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