Bedford is a New England college town in the United States of America, in the state of Connecticut. Home of Marshall College, it is where Indiana Jones resides while teaching at the school. It is not far from New York City, which has the nearest international airport.

In 1936, after coming up empty-handed in his trip to Peru to find the Chachapoyan Fertility Idol, Jones returned to teach archaeology at Marshall College. After a visit from Major Eaton and Colonel Musgrove, he stopped by his house to pack for his trip to Nepal.

In 1957, after surviving a nuclear test and FBI interrogation in Nevada, Jones resumed teaching at Marshall College, when the FBI caused him to be fired by the university. He packed up some personal effects from his house, bid his friend Charles Stanforth farewell, and boarded a train toward New York City, when a greaser on a motorcycle got his attention. Back at Arnie's diner, he got more information from Mutt Williams about Harold Oxley's disappearance, but two KGB agents tried to apprehend the pair. Jones and Williams evaded the agents by driving around town, eventually losing their pursuers by driving across campus on Mutt Williams's motorcycle. After stopping by Jones' residence to do some research, the pair left town to catch a plane to Nazca.

After their adventure with the Crystal Skull of Akator, Jones and Williams returned, along with Marion Ravenwood and Harold Oxley. Jones was made assistant dean at the college, and Jones and Ravenwood got married in a chapel.

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For Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the scenes where Indiana Jones and Mutt Williams are chased by KGB agents around Bedford and Marshall College were filmed in New Haven and the Yale University campus. The transit bus seen during the town and college chase scenes was a vintage New Britain Transit bus, leading to speculation that Marshall College is located in New Britain, Connecticut (a real town).

However, when the streets of New Haven, and the train station at Essex were dressed for filming, signs referred to the town as Bedford, Connecticut (fictional town). The main street of Bedford was actually Chapel Street in New Haven, which was dressed with 1950s signs and store displays. Other New Haven streets used in the chase scenes include College, High and Elm Streets.

Before the making of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, many believed Marshall College was in New York, even though the The Further Adventures of Indiana Jones located the school in eastern Connecticut.


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