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The train station of Bedford, Connecticut was used by Indiana Jones in 1957.


In 1957, when Indiana Jones was suspended from teaching at Marshall College in Bedford, he intended to leave the town. He went to the town's railway station and, after a short hesitation, boarded a train toward New York City. Two KGB agents who secretly were following Jones got onto the train, too.[1]

Mutt talking to Jones

Just as the train started to move, Mutt Williams arrived on his motorcycle and drove along the station platform, looking for Jones. He saw him sitting in the train and turned his motorbike. He drove alongside the train and shouted to Jones that people were about to kill his friend Harold Oxley. Jones jumped off the train and the two went to Arnie's Diner to talk about the situation but the KGB agents continued their secret pursuit.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

How Indiana Jones and the two KGB agents following him left the train in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull after it had already gained some speed is unexplained.[1] The shooting script for the film simply states that after talking with Mutt Williams, Indy got off with his bag and left the train without elaboration.[2]

In the Dark Horse Comics adaptation, neither Indy nor the KGB agents actually board the train. Instead, Mutt Williams catches Indy as he is about to but desists after speaking with Williams.[3]


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