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Ben Hecht was an American screenwriter and novelist. He won two Academy Awards, and was nominated for four others.


Indiana Jones met Ben Hecht in 1920 in Chicago after the murder of Indy's boss, Jim Colosimo. Hecht was a reporter for the Chicago Daily News and a rival journalist to Indy's friend, freelance writer for the Chicago Tribune, Ernest Hemingway. Unable to get a lead through Indy, Hecht covered the story of Colosimo's murder from the police headquarters, learning that Dion O'Banion and "Hymie" Weiss had related alibis. After Hemingway, Jones, and Eliot Ness solved the case and Chief John J. Garrity destroyed the evidence, Hecht decided to give up reporting and become a fiction writer, a playwright, so that the good guys could win.

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Mark Kiely played Hecht in the segment Chicago, May 1920 in Young Indiana Jones and the Mystery of the Blues now Chapter 20: The Mystery of the Blues.


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