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Beresford-Hope's Cave was a cave in Tibet, near Lhasa. Located on a boulder-strewn mountainside, it served as the home for Francis Beresford-Hope. He had one of three pieces of the ancient key discovered in 1931 that would open the Tomb of the Gods. At some point, Beresford-Hope had been driven mad, and had drawn messages and images on the walls and ceilings of the cave.

In 1936, on the trail of Beresford-Hope and his piece of the key, Indiana Jones and Marcus Brody learned from the locals in Lhasa where Beresford-Hope could be found. They journeyed to the mountain, and climbed up to the cave, unknowing that they were watched by an armed person. Inside, the pair discovered Beresford's artwork just before someone threw a bundle a dynamite into the cavern.

The two survived, mostly unharmed, by hiding near some large boulders, which protected them from falling rock. The carvings inside the cave were destroyed. Outside the cave entrance, their attacker tried to apprehend them, thinking they were Nazis but Jones used his whip to disarm the man, who revealed himself as Beresford-Hope, though Brody realized that it was not Sir Francis, but his son, Alex.

Finally realizing that these men were not Nazis, Alex recounted how he had come two years earlier to find his father a madman living in the cave, and how his father had died eleven months earlier, leaving him to guard his father's secret. Meanwhile, a large group of Tibeten bandits had surrounded the where the three were gathered outside the collapsed cavern. After Brody spotted them, Jones gave the command to run, and all three set off down the mountainside, toward Jock Lindsey's parked plane, OB1. One of the surviving carvings that had ended up on the outside of the rubble pile read "The End of All Things".

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