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"Half the German army's on our tail and you want me to go to Berlin? Into the lion's den!"
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Berlin is the capital and the largest city in Germany, located in the eastern part of the country. In the 20th century, Berlin served as the capital of the German Empire, then the Weimar Republic, then the Nazi-ruled Third Reich, Communist East Germany, and finally the reunified Germany. It has long been a major commercial, financial, economic and cultural center. The city is located in the Spree River valley.

During the nineteenth century, Berlin began rapid growth and industrialization, and was made the capital of the German Empire. In 1936, Berlin hosted the Olympic Games staged in pageantry designed to showcase Nazi racial ideology. During World War II, many parts of the city were destroyed by Allied bombing, and after the war, the city was divided into four sectors of foreign control, three of which (American, British and French) became West Berlin (a part of West Germany completely surrounded by East Germany), and the fourth section (Soviet) became East Berlin, capital of East Germany.

Key points of interest in Berlin in the time of Indiana Jones include the Brandenburg gate, and the Reichstag parliament building, and during the Cold War, the Berlin Wall.

Adventures in Berlin[]

Indiana Jones visited Berlin several times in his adventures.

In 1938 after escaping from Castle Brunwald, Jones and his father traveled by motorcycle to Berlin in order to retrieve Henry's Grail Diary from Elsa Schneider, who took the diary to use as proof of progress in the quest to find the Holy Grail. Jones, disguised as a Nazi officer, found Schneider at a bookburning rally at the Institute of Aryan Culture and reclaimed the book. As he was leaving the scene, he crossed paths with Adolf Hitler, who took the diary, signed it, and returned it to Jones, thinking he was an admirer. Jones and his father later went to the airport, where they used aliases to obtain tickets on a zeppelin to Athens. Ernst Vogel had tracked them to the airport, and almost caught them on board the zeppelin, but Jones, disguised as a ticket taker, punched him and threw him out of the window before take-off.[1]

During the World War II, Indy and George McHale worked in Berlin as double agents.[2]

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