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Berlin Flughafen was an airport in Berlin, Germany.


In 1938, Berlin Flughafen offered commercial zeppelin flights internationally which Indiana Jones and his father, Henry Sr., used to escape the German capital after reclaiming the Grail Diary from the Nazis.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Although production for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade called for a day's filming for "Tempelhof Airport Berlin",[2] neither the film nor its adaptations refer to the in-universe location as such. The airport is identified on-screen as Berlin Flughafen which simply translates as "Berlin Airport".[1]

The structure used for the establishing shot in the film was edited footage of Treasure Island's Administration Building in San Francisco.[2] The interior was filmed at the New Royal Horticultural Hall in Westminster, London[3]: Lawrence Hall.[4][5]



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