Bertolt Brecht was a German playwright and theater director of the early twentieth century. Highly influential in drama, his works tended to use theater as a forum for political ideas. His masterpiece, "The Threepenny Opera", was a socialist critique of capitalism.

In 1936, Nazi agents searching for Henrik Mellberg captured an invitee of Mellberg's--Indiana Jones, and held him against Mellberg's pet king cobra. When a maid accidentally entered the room, the man holding Jones explained the situation as a practice of a Bertolt Brecht play. Jones used this distraction to dodge the snake, who bit his captor.

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It is ironic that Nazi agents would claim to be rehearsing a play by Brecht, who opposed Naziism and was a strong supporter of Communism.

Fearing persecution, Brecht fled Germany in 1933, eventually coming to America in 1941, and then getting blacklisted for his Communist views. He later moved to East Germany.


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