Biff was the doorman of Sophia Hapgood's lecture show, on the subject of Atlantis. Biff was an admirer of Hapgood.

When Indiana Jones visited New York City in 1939 to warn Sophia that Klaus Kerner was after her, he found the theatre full and his only option was through a back door. Biff prevented his entry, but Indy got inside nonetheless.

Behind the scenesEdit

There are three ways to pass Biff, each corresponding to the three Paths of the game, and will present as default its corresponding option.

  • Talking Biff through, by flattering Sophia. Biff will be happy that Indy shares the same admiration with himself and will let him in. This will default the Team Path.
  • Insulting, provoking and then fighting Biff. This will default the Fists Path.
  • Ignore Biff and find a way through the crates and climb the escape exit. This will default the Wits Path.