The Black Dragon Triad was a Chinese crime syndicate that also acted, in part, as a religious cult, worshipping the demon Kong Tien. Its members were called Black Dragons and its leader, in 1935, was the influential crimelord Marshall Kai Ti Chan who cajoled Indiana Jones into collecting the pieces of the Mirror of Dreams in order to access the Emperor's Tomb.

Members of the Triad were all males who wore red and black uniforms and grew their hair into a long braid. All members were seemingly exceptional in the field of martial arts. They inhabited the Black Dragon Fortress atop Peng Lai Mountain underneath which was built the Temple of Kong Tien, a holy place for their demonic deity. This section of the fortress was inhabited by vicious, animated corpses and disembodied spirits with whom Indiana Jones had to battle in order to rescue Mei-Ying from Kai's clutches. Here, Jones also discovered the Pa Cheng.

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