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Blake was a British police captain based in India in 1930.


Blake was the son of English and Indian parents. However, both communities rejected his mixed-race heritage and so, around 1920, Blake set about reviving the practices of the Thuggee — a cult dedicated to Kali and believed wiped out by the British in the 19th century — to strike back at the two nations that had spurned him.

Two decades later, Blake was a police captain stationed in Calcutta when Indiana Jones arrived having foiled a Thuggee plot to kidnap a Bharata-Natyam dancer (and secret Thuggee sacrifice) named Kamala Seshan. Jones left the girl under Blake's protection to meet with journalist friend Marya Smirnova. The pair returned to watch Seshan's dancing and after the show, Blake's Thuggee attacked. Jones and Smirnova survived but the girl was taken.