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Blind Duck was the leader of the Hip Chen Tong in San Francisco's Chinatown. He was also skilled with the use of the pistol, able to fire two accurately at the same time. In 1939, he and men from his Tong kidnapped Archie Tan in order to locate the Jade Sphere for Magnus Völler. Indiana Jones tracked him down and defeated him.

Behind the scenes[]

James Sie provided the voice for Blind Duck in Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings.

Different adventures with Blind Duck[]

  • In the PS2 and Wii versions of Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings, Blind Duck was an able gunman who squared off with Jones several times as he attempted to get away with his captive Suzie Tan. Using a pistol in each hand, Blind Duck got into skirmishes with Jones leading him through the Lao Che Lounge, to the inside the Fireworks factory, and then on the roofs leading away. Jones was able to pin Blind Duck down on a dead end roof near a neon dragon billboard. Blind Duck was electocuted when Jones shot down a large neon sign onto him, after causing the rooftop water tank to spill, forming a large puddle on the roof in which Blind Duck stood. After his defeat, Jones was able to retrieve Suzie Tan and investigate Archie Tan's office, which the Tong men had ransacked.
  • In the PSP version of the game, Jones tracked Blind Duck to the Fireworks Factory. After following him to the roof, Jones discovered him with Archie, threatening to harm Suzie in order to get the location of Jade Sphere. Jones let Archie know that Suzie was already safe, and he escaped into the factory to try to put out the fires that had started. Jones disarmed Blind Duck of his four guns, and tossed him through a factory window.
  • In the Nintendo DS version, Blind Duck doesn't physically appear. His Tong successfully kidnapped Archie, however they missed catching Suzy who had hid in Archie's office in Tan's Exotic Imports. They later attempted to break into Archie's office to find and kidnap her, but Jones made it to the store in time to stop them.